Llanystumdwy Community Council

  • The full Council assembles on the first Thursday of every month at 7 o’clock at Ystafell Myrddin, Chwilog Memorial Hall.
  • Funded by the Precept rate which is paid as part of the rates bill from Gwynedd Council.
  • Organizing the cleaning and maintaining of the 9 bus shelters in the community.
  • Maintaining the main paths in the community. Part of this is repaid by Gwynedd Council.
  • Maintaining the Play Field at Llangybi.
  • Paying grants annually to
    village halls/centres/cemetries/organisations such as youth clubs, usually in February. Applications must be supported by a financial balance-sheet. Applications to the Clerk by January 20th.
  • Maintaining Council land such as the grave of David Lloyd George in Llanystumdwy and the Village Green/Common Land at Rhydybenllig.
  • Sending comments on planning applications in the community to the County Council.
  • Sending complaints about the condition of roads, bridges, street lights, rubbish, rights of way and so on to the relevant departments of the County Council.
  • Responding to ratepayers’ complaints about different public bodies.
  • Represented on the governing bodies of Llangybi, Chwilog and Llanystumdwy schools.
  • Represented on the governing body of the Charles Jones Alms-houses at Llangybi.